Dinosaur Puppets

As a mother of two girls, I feel like it’s safe to say dinosaurs have crossed over into-gender neutral toy territory. My particular girls did dress their dinosaur puppets in tutu’s and ballet shoes, but that’s entirely optional.

These puppets were so fun to make and play with. Our set has already received multiple makeovers. They started as regular dinosaurs, then quickly became ballerinas. A few days later they lost their tutus and were painted with neon rainbow paint.

To make your own your puppets, grab our Dinosaur Puppets Printable. This set includes five of our family’s favorite Dinos: T-Rex, Apatosaurus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, and Pterodactyl, as well as some optional plants to use as a set.

We printed them on card stock, then cut out the pieces to each dinosaurs. I poked a hole in each black dot with a metal skewer. There are letters beside each dot to show where each piece should attach. Connect the two pieces using mini-brads. Tape sticks to the back of a few of the body parts so that you can move the head and body, tail etc. separately. OR you can tape string to the back of each body part and attach the string to a dowel to make a marionette style puppet!

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