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As a mother of two girls, I feel like it’s safe to say dinosaurs have crossed over into-gender neutral toy territory. My particular girls did dress their dinosaur puppets in tutu’s and ballet shoes, but that’s entirely optional. These puppets were so fun to make and play with. Our set has already received multiple makeovers. […]

Dinosaur Puppets

My girls never need much motivation to get outside and explore our little woodland. But these sweet bee and butterfly puppets were a fun way to get them noticing nature and engaging with it creatively. These were super simple to make and only take a little bit of waiting time for glue to dry. This […]

Bee & Butterfly Puppets

Our Circus Theatre Printable has been so much fun to play with. This week we used it to make a cardboard box into a puppet theatre. You can figure out so many fun ways to play with or without making the box theatre, but my girls thought it was so magical for this little box […]

Circus Theatre

Drawing these little nativity figures stirred my heart in such an interesting way. I had to spend so much time on each one. Getting each expression just right. Figuring out who each person really was. What would they have been wearing? What would they have been thinking? I particularly am in love with this sweet […]

Nativity Puppets