Nativity Puppets

Drawing these little nativity figures stirred my heart in such an interesting way. I had to spend so much time on each one. Getting each expression just right. Figuring out who each person really was. What would they have been wearing? What would they have been thinking?

I particularly am in love with this sweet little shepherd girl with wild curls holding her sheep. What an honor to be present in that moment. I wondered as I created each character what the rest of their lives held. Did they ever meet Jesus again? Did he perform a miracle in their lives one day later? Did they follow him? Did they tell anyone about that night?

We used our Paper Nativity printable to make popsicle stick puppets. We grouped a few sets of characters together so wouldn’t need to hold too many puppets at once. For the angels, we made Sound-of-Music style marionettes with dowel rods and a little string. The angels were my girl’s favorite!

Maisy has a very specific script she follows when reenacting the Nativity story. It was so sweet to see her direct each little scene. Acting out this sacred narrative presses it a little bit deeper into their hearts.

This printable set could be used so many ways. I think they would make a lovely advent calendar. You could put magnets on the back and put them on your fridge, or add little paper tabs to the backs to make them stand up. This set also comes in black and navy. Get your own set here.


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