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Emma Walker Creative

Honestly, in the middle of all this social distance, stay-home stir-craziness, we really needed a laugh in our house. Turns out, adding eyes to every. single. thing. is the medicine we all needed. These eyeballs went literally everywhere. On all the decor, on the oven, on dishes, on the banister. Nothing was safe. Every corner […]

Our house came to life

autumn leaf nature crown

Do you ever have those moments when none of your little lovelies seem to be getting along and there’s a lot of boredom-induced arguments happening? Obviously. When we hit those moments, I run to the nature crafts. Send them outside to collect things. These nature crowns are one of my favorites. They look completely different […]

Autumn Leaf Crown

Our Circus Theatre Printable has been so much fun to play with. This week we used it to make a cardboard box into a puppet theatre. You can figure out so many fun ways to play with or without making the box theatre, but my girls thought it was so magical for this little box […]

Circus Theatre

Haven’t you ever felt so worried you could scream or run or hide or kick? I certainly have. But we often forget how absolutely terrifying things can seem when you’re very small and very unsure of the world around you. Sometimes you’re afraid that your dinner could be spicy. Sometimes you’re afraid if you don’t […]

Calming Down