Journeying Through Space

Outer Space is where science and imagination collide. Things out in the galaxy feel so strictly scientific. And yet, gazing at the stars is like looking upon some of the most beautiful works ever created. It is full of mystery and wonder. Exploring space comes with strict and important rules, and yet there is so much unknown, so much that isn’t understood, so much adventure to be imagined.

What could be a more perfect place to start a creative journey! We had so much fun using our Space Explorer pack this month. One of my daughter’s best friends is space OBSESSED so we had to invite him over to play with us among the stars! We’ve done lots of different things with our stars and planets this month. We taped them all over our chalkboard and down our hallway, and even made beautiful Planet Crowns! We also stacked up cardboard boxes and made our own rocket ship. Here are some of the other ideas we had.



Use the printable windows, screws and control panels to turn cardboard boxes, or even a closet, into a rocket ship. Get creative! Add whatever you’d like to your rocket ship. Tape the planets up around your house to set the stage for your space journey.



While the littles hide in their rocket, grown ups can tape the planets all around the house. Have children use the coloring page as a checklist to find all 9 planets!



Tape planets and stars around the floor. Fo colder children, call out planet names and have kids hop from planet to planet. Younger ones can just hop across the planets to get from point A to point B.



Use the stars and star map to create constellations, even try creating your own new constellations!



Make a dress out of tissue paper or scrap fabric and tape! Then decorate it with the planets. Even add a crown like the one we made.



Print on cardstock, cut out, and then tape planets to dowels or popsicle sticks. Act out a favorite story or one of the recommended books with the planets as your characters. Give them fun personalities or accessories!


Join the Society for Creativity before November 1 to get the Space Explorer Pack for just $5!

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